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How To Mix With Absinthe

Version: 1.2

Sold by: Diktio GmbH
gamecenter This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad
Age Rating: 17+
Categories: Lifestyle, Books
"how to mix with absinth ..." is a project by bartenders for bartenders.

The idea originated in a bar in Amsterdam back in 2007: an international network of renowned bartenders was excited by the concept and supplied the recipes.

The many creations were collated to produce an innovative book to promote a better understanding of absinth: The handbook for mixing absinth – a strictly limited edition not available in any high street stores and devoid of product descriptions, colourful photos and advertising. Practical, concise, creative and manufactured in a material that allows it to be used behind the bar.

Initially each of the bartenders who took part was given a copy of the book and they alone decided who should receive the remaining recipe books. No new print run is planned once all of the copies have been given out, so those in possession of a copy should think themselves lucky.

Now there is this new app available to make this attractive guide – which includes "homemade brews" like hibiscus-rhubarb syrup – accessible to a wider public.

Every connoisseur of alcoholic drinks, novices and professionals alike, will get their money's worth with this app. A successful concept that will also make available new recipes in future!


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