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Absinthe is a distilled spirit infused with a mixture of herbs, including Artemisia absinthium (grande wormwood), green anise and sweet fennel, and boasting of a high alcohol content. Traditionally green in color — though it can also be clear — it is often referred throughout historical literature as the green fairy ("la fée verte" in French).

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How To Drink Absinthe

Eric Litton via Wikimedia Commons

1) Fill the reservoir of the glass with absinthe (or about 1/3 to 1/5 absinthe of the volume).
2) Place an absinthe spoon and a sugar cube on top of the glass.
3) Slowly drip ice water through the sugar until it dissolves completely. A green line will form at the top. As this line forms it is common to sample the absinthe by drinking off this green line to get the full impact of the absinthe's qualities before the drink is fully diluted.
4) The drink louches (turns white; this is due to the oils being soluble in alcohol but not in water) and new flavours come out.

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